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The process is simple and not easy. 

Work on yourself to leverage your strengths.


About Alex Staniforth

Alex Staniforth is a professional coach with a natural ability to blend complex understanding with personal insight, empathy and critical thinking.

In his work, Alex builds a strong foundation for development by establishing clear goals and a relationship that is both supportive and challenging. He firmly believes in combining reality and aspiration, and will work with you in a variety of ways to widen your perspective and achieve your ambitions. Alex has a keen interest in mindfulness and how individuals and coaches can apply insights from this field.


In his career, Alex spent time working for a Big 4 Consulting firm in London and a US-based risk modelling company. His experience includes taxation of trusts for private equity partnerships and mortgage default modelling.


Alex is accredited in Harthill Leadership Development Profile and trained in Gestalt Coaching with the AoEC. He holds a BSc in Finance from Durham University. He is a Mental Health First Aider and a Mindfulness Practionner accredited by the British Psychological Society. 

He is the author of “Tainted whites and lighter shades of grey” (2023)



While finding success in their careers, many individuals feel lonely and find themselves lacking an independent sounding board and insightful thought partner who is experienced and capable of understanding them as well as the complexity of their context.

Are you looking to:

  • Assess your long term direction and identify immediate next steps for personal development?

  • Transition successfully into a new, more demanding role with greater responsibilities? 

  • Enhance your personal relationship with clients, peers or board members?

  • Manage challenges with greater decisiveness and effectiveness?

  • Gain confidence in taking intuitive action?

Conversations on offer are based on the paradoxical theory of change. We make sustainable change when we become more ourselves, not when we try to be something we are not. The premise is simple, the process is hard.


Through our time together we will work on developing awareness, self-adaptation and compassion as a means to better respond to and interact with the anxiety latent in the developmental process.



First let's have a no-obligations conversation where I can hear from you and you can ask any questions you may have about our coaching relationship.


Relational fit is crucial in this work and it is my job to ensure you are getting the right support for your context.

During this conversation we will discuss your objectives, the coaching approach and then suggest a tailored programme to suit your specific requirements and preferences. No two people are alike and each coaching relationship is reflective of this. 

A typical coaching programme consists of six two-hour coaching sessions typically over a nine month period. Often the use of psychometrics is part of the programme to generate input for the coaching objectives.

Thank you for getting in touch. Alex will respond in no more than 2 working days.

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